Spur Sizzling Skillz: Episode 11


Cornering at speed and with confidence is one of the best ways to make up time on a mountain bike course. Watch as Olympian James Reid explains the key skills to staying smooth and fast in corners. Get practicing, the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League National Finals are almost here!

Raid Evolenard: Ariane’s Swiss XCM Title Race

It was jaw-droppingly beautiful. A true privilege to traverse the precipitous valley walls, handing Ariane her water bottles and carrying spare wheels in case of mishaps at Raid Evolenard. Ariane planned her race to perfection, and rewarded our hard work with a superb win and her second Swiss XCM national title. Check out the magical Alpine terrain in this dramatic video the organisers put together.

Spur Sizzling Skillz: Episode 8


Sometimes it’s not about being the fastest! Trackstanding is an essential skill to master on the trail. It’ll help you climb and descend better when the trails get really steep. Besides, it’s impressive to watch and fun to learn this balancing technique with friends. South African Mountain Bike Champion James Reid shows you how to focus on staying in one place.