Spur Sizzling Skillz: Episode 2

Hopping Pavements

Mountain biking is about dealing with whatever the trail throws at you. Successfully getting you and your bike up and over rocks, steps and bumps is an important skill to master. Watch Ariane Kleinhans from Team Spur show you the simple approach to getting over an obstacle, so you can practice on a pavement at home.

Spur Sizzling Skillz: Episode 1

Pre-race Bike Check

Watch Team Spur mechanic JP Jacobs, take you through an essential pre-race bike check. Make sure your machine is safe and ready to rip up the trails at your next Spur Schools Mountain Bike League event!

Spur Sizzling Skillz: Introduction

Meet Team Spur

Spur Schools Mountain Bike League Ambassadors Ariane Kleinhans and James Reid will be at the League’s National Final in October. If you want to see them there you’ll need to brush up on your technical skills! Check out the series of basic tips and skills Ariane and James have created to help you go faster and have more fun. Now get riding…